Find smarter times for meetings

Tempo is a Chrome extension that uses AI to optimize your Google Calendar, helping you get more done at work.

Get real-time optimizations in Google Calendar

Stop wasting time at work

Tempo analyzes your Google Calendar and finds smarter times for meetings.

Grouped meetings

Say goodbye to 30-minute time-wasting breaks and meetings that interrupt you when you're in the zone.

Creativity boost

Create longer continuous stretches of uninterrupted time, perfect for creative problem-solving.

Automatic rescheduling

Get suggestions for when to reschedule meetings without manually inspecting your colleagues' calendars.

Bad meeting alerts

No agenda?  Huge attendee list?  Get warned that a meeting on your calendar might not be worth your time.

Focus protection

Avoid meetings during your most productive hours to make sure you get $#*! done at the office.

Daily reminders

Receive daily emails detailing tomorrow's schedule, and recommendations for how to supercharge your day.

Start optimizing your schedule today